Find Healthcare

We know that it is hard to find doctors, dentists, psychiatrists, and counselors who will help when you don't have insurance. We've decided to take change into our own hands.

We--HRI Connect--are group of current and former clients (and the people that love them!) who are coming together to build a community where everyone feels welcomed and embraced, regardless of who we are, what we look like, or how well we speak English. We all build this country where we live, no matter where we were born.

Looking for COVID-19 related resources?

Click below for a guide for people who (1) think they may be sick with COVID-19; (2) are currently sick with COVID-19, or (3) were sick with COVID-19 and are still experiencing problems (long COVID):

Click below for a guide for information about the COVID-19 vaccine:

Questions about collecting eligibility documents?

Click below for a guide about how to collect documents to help you prove your identity, residence, and income:

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