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Josie Settles In


Josie* is currently seeking asylum in the US with her two children. Like most asylum seekers, she is unable ti legally work while waiting for her asylum application to be processed. The financial hardship our clients face are the norm amongst asylum seekers throughout the U.S. Josie can barely afford to buy groceries for her two young boys. After arriving to the U.S. alone with her children she was let to figure out how to navigate the public transportation system on her own.

After much advocacy and coordination from our staff, Josie she was finally accepted into a program for homeless mothers. Our team seamlessly facilitated her move to her new home.  Josie now lives in a safer place where she and her boys share their own room. Thanks to this program and others like DASH Network, Josie and her children were able to enroll in day camps for the summer. These summer camps have allowed Josie to begin to connect to the community and to rebuilding their lives. Our client has also benefited immensely by being paired with an HRI Ambassador/Mentor who has proved to be essential in helping Josie acclimate to her new surroundings. This month our Social Services intern volunteered to showed Josie how her how to use the public transportation system here in Dallas and how to access free food pantries.

Josie is now more confident. She’ll start counseling,enroll in ESL classes, and complete a financial and job readiness course hosted by our Angel of Freedom Award winners, InterNations of Dallas! Our Ambassadors and faithful volunteers are a crucial component to our client’s ability to thrive here in the U.S. We are so thankful to all who have played a role in helping Josie overcome the many obstacles set before her. Seeing our clients succeed and become independent is a small victory for us here at HRI!

-Elisandra De La Cruz, Children’s Program Assistant