Our Board of Directors

Sanjeeb Samanta – Chair

Greg W. Curry – Director

Tricia Freshwater – Director

Betsy Healy – Director & Co-Founder

Anita Kelley – Director

Natalie Nanasi – Director

Carolyn M. Ruiz – Director

David Satterfield – Treasurer

Ashlie Alaman Stamper – Director

Alan Wright – Chair Elect

Our Advisory Board Members

Kenneth Z. Altshuler, M.D.

Cecilia Boone

Serena Simmons Connelly*

Patricia Cook, MD, FACP*

Don M. Glendenning*

Ambassador Swanee Hunt

Sarah Losinger

Ann Margolin

Michael Meadows

Caren Prothro

*Denotes Lifetime Board Member

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Together we can extend the safety, liberty, and hope America has given us to those who desperately need it. Your support makes a great difference as we continue the fight.

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