2010 Angel of Freedom Awards

On November 1, HRI will hold its annual Thanksgiving Event and hand out The Angel of Freedom Awards, HRI’s annual recognition of the individuals and organizations who have helped us carry out our mission through through their support–financial or otherwise.

In anticipation of this event, HRI is happy to announce the three recipients of this year’s Angel of Freedom Awards: The Meadows Foundation, Ms. Lori Feehan, and Hunton & Williams, LLP.

The Meadows Foundation is a private family philanthropy established in 1948 that has supported HRI through grants and other programs. As part of its mission, The Meadows Foundation owns and operates the Wilson Historic District, a nonprofit campus where 39 nonprofit organizations–HRI among them–are provided rent free office space.

Ms. Lori Feehan is a past chair of the HRI board who has continued to support HRI both financially and through personal connections over the years. She currently lives in Denver, Colorado, and serves at the Board Chair for the USA for UNHCR, the United Nations Refugee Agency.

Hunton & Williams has donated a considerable amount of legal resources to HRI, including almost $150,000 in legal services over the last fiscal year. Over the last year, ten attorneys from their Dallas office have dedicated themselves to cases involving victims of violence.

HRI is incredibly thankful to all the people and groups that make what we do possible and is thrilled to be able to offer them even a little bit of recognition for all they do for us!

For more information, click here. Look for pictures and updates from this event in the near future.

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