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HRI Statement on Reduction of Immigration Backlog for Immigrant Survivors

On June 14, 2021, the Biden Administration announced a new policy intended to ease the tremendous harm of the immigration backlog on immigrant survivors of serious crime. The policy, which specifically affects immigrant survivors eligible for the U Visa, will authorize survivors to work while their applications await final approval. “We’re hopeful …

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Asylum Backlogs Wreak Havoc with Our Clients’ Lives, Parts 1 & 2

Check out Christine Mansour’s featured AILA piece discussing the impact of the asylum backlog on HRI clients. http://www.ailaleadershipblog.org/2016/12/13/asylum-backlogs-wreak-havoc-with-our-clients-lives-part-1/ http://www.ailaleadershipblog.org/2016/12/14/asylum-backlogs-wreak-havoc-with-our-clients-lives-part-2/