HRI Will Be on Groupon!

Groupon, the popular daily deals & discounts site, has selected Human Rights Initiative of North Texas as “Today’s Featured Campaign” from Tuesday January 21st through Thursday February 2nd. 

What does this mean for HRI and what can I do to help?

It is a huge opportunity for HRI to be able to share it’s mission with a wide audience in the Dallas area! Not EVERYONE in Dallas knows about HRI and what we do, and this is certainly a great opportunity to inform more people and get them involved with our cause!

Being featured in Groupon’s daily email for these three days provides an enormous opportunity to be seen by new potential viewers, and of course, we hope you and others choose to “click” and donate $10 (or more) to help HRI give winter ready kits to its clients.

100% of the proceeds raised through Groupon will go to Human Rights Initiative of North Texas- provided if the “deal” gets “tipped”! That means, when at least 40 people donate from Jan 31st – Feb 2nd, HRI is funded to give at least 10 clients everything they need to survive the coldest month of the winter!

Thank you to all who are willing and able to give a donation and/or share this offer with your network of friends! (A tweet or posting on your Facebook wall is helpful too:

How do I donate through Groupon? 

  1. Go to:
  2. click “BUY” and select quantity (i.e. 1 = $10, $2 = 20, etc.)

Share the message so more people can participate!

  1. Copy & Paste this post and spread the love!
    Support @HRIOnline via Groupon Jan 31- Feb 2nd! Let’s change some lives! 
  2. Go to Facebook and share this link: 

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