HRI on Philanthroper TODAY!


Philanthroper -a daily deal site that picks nonprofits from all over the United States- has selected HRI to run an online fundraising campaign today, where $1 can provide $3 worth of free legal services to immigrants and asylum seekers. As you know, these clients come from all over the world and have suffered some of the worst violations of human rights that we so often take for granted.

What does this mean for HRI and what can I do to help?

This is a huge opportunity for HRI to share its mission not just with people in the North Texas area, but across the entire United States! Being featured on Philanthroper today opens the door for HRI to be seen by many more potential volunteers and donors who may be passionate about the work we do (and of course, we hope you might use that $1 in your pocket to participate as well)!

Thank you to all who are able to participate in this exciting campaign and/or share this offer with your network of family and friends!

Other ways you can help:

  1. A quick post on your Facebook wall to this link could go a long way:
  2. Or copy and paste this tweet: Human Rights are for everyone! support @Hrionline via @philanthroper TODAY! 

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Together we can extend the safety, liberty, and hope America has given us to those who desperately need it. Your support makes a great difference as we continue the fight.

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