HRI Success Story: Attorneys at Vinson & Elkins Help Win Withholding of Removal for a Cameroonian Nurse

A Dallas Immigration Judge granted our client Withholding of Removal, which means she can live safely in the United States. The client, a registered and reproductive health nurse, is originally from Cameroon.

In 2004, the client, along with other students, protested the recent dramatic increase in education fees. The police opposed their demonstration and she was arrested and detained, along with three others. During that time she was beaten and tortured. After being released the next day, she signed a piece of paper agreeing to never protest again.

Unfortunately, our client’s troubles did not stop there. In 2010 while working in a health clinic, she was approached by two unknown men who requested that she inject a small vial of an unknown liquid into an elected official whom the men said was an “opponent” they wanted to “do away with him.” The client refused and four days later arrested by police. She was detained for three days where she was beaten and raped.

The following year she was working at a different health clinic and was held-up at gunpoint to once again inject a man with an unknown liquid because he would not help rig the elections. The client agreed to help, but was able to sneak out of the office and seek hiding in various family members’ homes.

Since her arrival in the U.S. in July 2011, police in Cameroon have continued to search for our client. They have raided her house and taken her laptop and tape recorder.

In order to avoid further harm and mistreatment, she contacted the Human Rights Initiative for legal assistance. HRI accepted her case and later collaborated with attorneys at Vinson & Elkins to assist with her asylum case.

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