HRI’s 2012 Angel of Freedom Award

Tonight HRI honors the recipients of our most prestigious award, the 2012 Angel of Freedom Awards. The recipients include, The Agape Clinic, The Dallas Women’s Foundation, and Vinson & Elkins LLP.

These organizations have made significant contributions, enabling HRI to better serve its clients and to meet the organization’s mission. The generosity of these awardees has made a profound difference in the lives of many people living in North Texas.

Agape Clinic
For years Agape Clinic has provided free medical care, examinations, limited lab work, and medication to HRI clients. Agape is the only clinic in the DFW area that does not have zip code restrictions and will see anyone regardless of their immigration status or ability to pay. Agape, founded in 1983 by Barbara Stark Baxter, M.D. provides primary care for the ill, preventive care, and specialty care in pediatrics, counseling, and women’s health.

Executive Director of Agape Clinic Stephanie Bohan said about the award, “Very often with non-profits you make a leap of faith, and reach out to those who need your services without the resources in place to do so. You never expect accolades you just live your mission and help all you can. We are honored to receive an Angel of Freedom Award for our efforts.”

Dallas Women’s Foundation
The Dallas Women’s Foundation (DWF), founded in 1985, is a non-profit which operates as a community foundation. Over the last 13 years, DWF has granted nearly $100,000 to HRI’s Women and Children’s Program, which enables us to provide free legal and social services to indigent women and children across DFW.

Executive Director Roslyn Dawson Thompson said, “HRI is making a huge difference for immigrant women and their families, and as they are stabilized and supported, our whole community benefits. Dallas Women’s Foundation is very proud to be among those who invest in HRI, and we are deeply honored to be recognized with the Angel of Freedom Award.  However, we know that the real Angels are the dedicated people of HRI – staff and volunteers – who are leading women and families from despair to hope and dignity.”

Vinson & Elkins LLP
Vinson & Elkins (V&E) has provided consistent and considerable pro bono legal resources to HRI. In the past fiscal year alone, V&E has donated more than 498 legal service hours, totaling more than $196,000 to HRI. Founded in 1917, V&E provides innovative business solutions for their clients across the globe. Pro bono work is a key principle of V&E and is sustained by their lawyers’ personal dedication to service.

“Vinson & Elkins is deeply honored to receive this award. We are proud to participate in the great pro bono work that HRI does. Its work is critical to a decent society,” said Harry Reasoner, a partner at V&E.

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