A Thank You from Sudan!

Today we received an awesome thank you gift from an asylum client!


This client, we shall call Mohammad, is an asylee from Sudan.  Mohammad was witness to a brutal attack on a small village in West Sudan in 2010, which even resulted in the loss of a few family members.  When he shared his knowledge about the attack, his life was threatened; his education was compromised.  He was detained and beaten on multiple occasions.

Violence is Sudan is a very serious issue.  With the violence in the region from a lengthy civil war and the new independence of South Sudan, the UNHCR estimates there are over 500,000 Sudanese refugees in the world and over 2 million internally displaced persons.

Our client fled to the United States a year after the incident and was granted asylum.  Today, in April of 2013, he has just been given his green card.  We are happy to share that Mohammad is working, attending college, and building a new life in the United States as a free man.  We are excited about the treats but we are, of course, more excited for his future.

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