Meet HRI’s Exxon Mobil Summer Intern – Antonia


Meet our youngest intern, Antonia Buban.  Antonia is an intern through the Exxon Mobil Community Summer Jobs Program.  As a rising junior at Pepperdine University, she is majoring in International Studies and Non-Profit Management, as well as earning a certification in Conflict Management.  Antonia loves to work with kids and teens – she plans to tutor at a juvenile detention facility and serve as a mentor to a dormitory of freshman girls next school year.  In her spare time (the little she has) she loves to visit the beach, go for bike rides, and explore the Los Angeles area.

Antonia is an intelligent, bright, and charismatic addition to the HRI family! 

What sort of projects are you/will you be working on?

This summer at HRI, I will be compiling a list of individuals who are experts on the conditions of certain countries. This list will be available to HRI and other organizations in the United States in order to make it easier to find expert witnesses needed for certain cases. In addition, I have the opportunity to periodically sit in on intakes, or meetings with potential clients, as well as attend hearings when the client’s case is taken before a judge.

What is one of the most interesting things you have learned or experienced interning so far?

Every time I hear a client’s story, I find myself amazed at all that they have overcome. Those coming from other countries seeking asylum often give up everything to come to the United States, a place of safety and freedom. Getting to meet these incredible people and hear their stories is, in my opinion, an encounter with some of the most courageous people in the world. It is truly inspiring, and daily I am reminded me that all the work done behind the scenes, like at a computer or behind a desk, is so important in the process of changing lives.

When I grow up I want to – Give a voice to the voiceless and defend the rights of the powerless.

What are your favorite toppings on a pizza?

Pineapple and pepperoni!

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