Meet the Intern – Bahareh

Intern BaharehMeet our new intern Bahareh Tabaie.  She is a dedicated optimist and an amazing asset to our legal team. She wrote a short bio about herself and here is more about her experience as an asylee, her passions as a human rights advocate,  a dedicated intern, and a promising law student. 

My name is Bahareh meaning “Spring Season” in Farsi. I know it is hard for many to pronounce it correctly but I never tried to make it shorter or change it. Regardless of that, I am always looking for a change personally. Change to a better state. That is what I did during my years of activity as a teacher and journalist back in Iran. I was always looking for a chance to make changes in my people’s life specially women who have been always subject to an extreme violence and discrimination. That made my life not easier and I became a specific target to the violence and misbehavior. I felt restrained and imprisoned mentally and physically by all means and it led me to find my way out of it. I left Iran to Dubai and then U.S with a hope of making it better by becoming stronger outside of it. That is why I decided to go to law school. I have strong hopes that law gives me a better chance to help my people to take their voice to International levels and do something about it practically. As an asylee, I was given a chance here in U.S to experience a life filled with freedom and no fear of prosecution. Why shouldn’t my people experience it? Why shouldn’t they live without fear of following their own beliefs, religions or other basic personal freedom?

I am a 4th semester law student going to Law School in Arizona. I decided to do my summer internship here at HRI because I know they have the same goal as mine. I joined Melissa’s legal team who is providing legal assistance to abused women and children. The Women and Children program tries to make a better future for those who deserve it. They help innocent people who have been subject to violence and discrimination all around the world. That is exactly what I want to do by the power of law.

 Written by Bahareh Tabaie, Legal Team Intern

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