Meet our New Intern Burton!

Intern BurtonBurton DeWitt, a 2L at the University of Texas School of Law and works with our Legal Director.  Burton, tell us a little about yourself.

I’m a summer staff member & submissions review board member for the Texas International Law Journal, as well as a staff editor for the Texas Review of Litigation and a member of the Texas Legal Research Board. When I’m not busy letting my legal education run (ruin?) my life, I try to liven the atmosphere by wishing everyone a Happy Tuesday or Happy whichever day it is.

What interests you about HRI? 

When I went to Southern Africa and later India & Nepal, I met and talked with hundreds of people who wanted nothing more than to be able to live in the United States. Many of them (although not all) had lived very rough lives. To be able to help people whose experiences and struggles are unimaginably deeper than even the people I met abroad is challenge that I couldn’t pass up.

What sort of projects are you/will you be working on?/What sort of projects here interest you most?

I’m more of a research-and-writing guy (the politically correct way to say “introvert” in the legal field), so I’m enjoying projects where I focus in on a subject and figure out what exactly the law is (or, in many cases since so much is undefined, what it may be) and trying to find what is the best option for our client.

What is your favorite dessert?

Pecan Pie. I know the saying is “as American as apple pie[,]” but apple pie ain’t American. It dates to medieval England. There is NOTHING more American than Pecan Pie, and there are few things more delicious. Put a little Blue Bell vanilla ice cream on the side, and you have yourself the perfect after-dinner treat.

Where might we find you on a Sunday afternoon?

At a sports bar watching the Atlanta Falcons finally win a Super Bowl. Or lying in bed crying when they don’t. Sadly, it’s more the second scenario. #RiseUp

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