Our New Success Story & Board Member!

Our new board member, Dustin O’Quinn, has had a recent victory for HRI!  Dustin represented, Martha, a Mexican woman who was physically and sexually abused by her husband.  Martha did not have legal status and was trapped in the relationship for 12 years before finally leaving with her 3 kids.  Through immigrant protections in the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA), Dustin helped this woman achieve freedom from her abusive husband and legally remain in the United States.   HRI is so excited for Martha and Dustin for this great accomplishment.  Here are a few words from Dustin himself:

“I am pleased to have had the opportunity to work on this case.  There are so many people in the United States who are escaping abuses of the worst kind.  Unfortunately, some find abuse even in the United States.  The Violence Against Women Act offers protection, hope, legal status and work authorization to some of those victims and I am proud to have successfully obtained that protection for Maria.  This opportunity gives Maria the pride and freedom that results from the opportunity to support herself through legal work and lawful presence.”  

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