Don’t miss out on the MAP 2013 WORDS/SWORDS Exhibition! Final Saturday to attend!

The MAP 2013 project, WORDS/SWORDS, by Jin-Ya Huang, is produced by Make Art with Purpose (MAP) in collaboration with Human Rights Initiative of North Texas. With community engagement as a part of its core mission, MAP 2013 includes interdisciplinary projects, performances, public art, workshops, lectures and the MAP 2013 bike program. All MAP events are free to the public and take place throughout the city of Dallas.

The WORDS/SWORDS exhibit is located at the office of Human Rights Initiative, 2801 Swiss Ave. Dallas TX 75204.

The schedule for the remaining opportunities to see MAP 2013 WORDS/SWORDS is as follows:

Saturday (11/23) – 10am-4pm

M-W (Thanksgiving Week, 11/25-11/27) 9am-5pm

Th-Sun (11/28 -12/1) – CLOSED

M-F (12/2 -12/6) 9am-6pm

As part of this MAP Event, HRI is honored to host the artwork of Jin-Ya Huang. Jin-Ya, a local abstract photographer, partnered with HRI for this engaging and emotional project, promoting awareness of abused immigrants and their journey to freedom in America. Jin-Ya met with HRI clients and staff to create captivating pieces which, not only, tell their stories of pain, joy, fear, and relief, but also provided clients an opportunity to heal.


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