Meet Zeyla, HRI’s Newest Staff Member


Zeyla Gonzalez recently joined us in the role of Client Intake Manager. We’re excited to have her as part of our team! Her experience, bilingual skills, and wonderful attitude make her a great addition!

We asked Zeyla a few questions to learn more about her, and this what she had to say.

What brought you to HRI and what interests you most about what we do?

I was first told about HRI by one of my professors at UNT. She suggested that I get in contact with one of her former students (Zainab) after I told her that I wanted to volunteer for an organization that did work related to my International Studies degree. I got in contact with Zainab and began volunteering soon after that and now I’m here. The work that HRI does in helping immigrants start their lives on the right path in the United States is probably what interests me the most about our work. My parents are also immigrants and I am where I am today because they were allowed to follow their ‘American Dream.’ Having the ability to assist others in reaching that same dream is incredibly rewarding.

What excites you about your new role as Client Intake Manager? Is there something in particular you look forward to undertaking?

I am excited about learning more about our clients and their stories. As the Client Intake Manager I will be the initial contact for many potential clients and I am looking forward to meeting more of our clients and learning about their journeys that brought them here to HRI.

Do you have a favorite weekend activity?

I usually have pretty low key weekends. I usually try to get my dog out as much as possible during the weekends since I keep him indoors the majority of the week. We will usually go for a jog and I also take him to the dog park so he can run as much as his little heart desires.

Tell us a quick fun fact about yourself.

The first time I ever went out of Texas was to Thailand! I had never been on an airplane for more than an hour at a time and I was suddenly on a plane for 15 plus hours on my way to another continent when I had yet to see another American state.

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