TITLE: An Old Story
CHARACTER: someone’s Daughter/someone’s Sister/someone’s Grand-daughter/some Girl we may all know.
It’s an Old Story and it gets old real soon –in a faraway chaotic land, Girl is arranged into a marriage – Boy promises to protect her forever – convinces her to move to a foreign land called America.
It’s an Old Story and it gets old real soon – within the first year the emotional abuse escalates into the physical, the occasional slap morphs into daily beatings, the subtle control regulates into full-fledged isolation.
The Girl has no family, no source of income, no friends, no confidants.
There are reasons why she can’t leave and rush back to her country: Money/Passports/Visas/Religious Persecution/Social Pressures/Human Rights Violations. There are reasons why she can’t stay in the land called America, mostly because her status is tied to her abusive ex.
It’s an Old Story and it gets old real soon
This is where Human Rights Initiative of North Texas steps in.
Thanks to our hardworking pro-bono lawyers, our dedicated volunteer network and our supportive community, today one of the Old Stories found a new and happy conclusion.
Today that lost Girl found herself a new Home.
Today that Girl began to write a New Story.
For the past 18 years, HRI has provided 100% free legal and social services to vulnerable immigrants and refugees. We believe that immigrant rights are human rights, and that families belong together. Our extensive network includes pro-bono lawyers, volunteer social workers, and community helpers. Our successful business model quintuples every penny we receive. THANK YOU for supporting us. THANK YOU for being our Community. THANK YOU for standing up for Humanity.

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