Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh

Human Rights Initiative is deeply saddened and heartbroken by the violence against the Jewish community at the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh. We extend our solidarity and deepest condolences to the Jewish community affected by this attack.
We have had many great connections with local Jewish Congregations. We are thankful that our Board of Directors was once led by Rabbi Asher Knight, a stalwart champion of justice, tolerance, and a wonderful spiritual leader. We stand in solidarity with all our Jewish friends here in Dallas and elsewhere. We also stand in awe of Jewish community support for immigrants, refugees and vulnerable groups of all times. We admire the local Jewish Leaders who are involved with Faith Forward Dallas, Dallas Area Interfaith and Faith in Texas with their work for interfaith dialog.
As an agency we stand in solidarity for any group targeted by hate. We stand with our Muslim Friends when they are victims of Islamophobia or the travel ban. We stand with LGBTQ individuals when they are targeted with hate and discrimination. For 18 years we have defended the legal rights of people fleeing persecution in their land of birth. We are no less supportive when persecution rears its ugly head here in the US.
We believe this country at its best is loving, accepting and just. We join ourselves indivisibly from our Jewish neighbors.
Shalom. Salaam. Paz.

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