HRI’s Youth Empowerment Program (YEP) Featured on HIP Giving!

  1. “As a Latina woman,
    coming to the US was an eye-opening experience. I saw women behind desks,
    teaching, standing in court. You don’t see that where I am from. As a young
    Latina immigrant, I was always told why was I wasting my time going to school?
    School isn’t for people like you.”

-Jasmin M. a 17-year-old client from Honduras

We submitted our Youth Empowerment Program as part of the #GoMujeres campaign by HIPGive in celebration of International Women’s Day. Once we our proposal was accepted, the campaign went live on Friday, 3/8/2019. We were overwhelmed by the love and support shown to us by our community as we raised 40% of our $5,000 goal in 3 days!

WHAT IS YOUTH EMPOWERMENT PROGRAM (YEP)? We piloted our Youth Empowerment Program last year. The young Latinas served are all immigrants who have overcome abuse. They are courageous, resilient, and resourceful, and we want to help them and others like them to reach their full potential by growing and deepening the program this year. Please let us know if you want to learn more about this and the other great work of HRI.

WHAT IS HIPGIVE? HIPGive is the first and only bilingual crowdfunding platform that champions on advancing Latino social impact projects and promoting philanthropy across the Americas.

WHY GIVE TO YEP THROUGH HIPGIVE? Since April 2014, Latino-focused nonprofits have raised more than $2 million USD through 560 projects on HIPGive, reaching more than 200,000 web visitors, and a social media audience of more than 30,000 individuals, organizations, and businesses interested in social impact initiatives serving Latino communities. HIPGIVE also provides financial incentives to the fundraisers and donors in the form of contests, matching grants and other tools.

WHAT’S THE YEP CAMPAIGN STATUS RIGHT NOW? By the publication time of this note, we have raised $2,005 of our $5,000 goal and we are 11 days away from closing of our campaign. Even a small gift makes a difference to this simple, but effective program. Help us meet our goal by donating today!

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