Meet Kali Cohn, HRI’s Inaugural Director of Advocacy!

We are thrilled to announce that this April, Kali Cohn joined HRI as our inaugural Director of Advocacy. Prior to joining HRI, Kali served as a staff attorney for the American Civil Liberties Union of Texas, where she worked to help protect immigrants’ and LGBTQ rights, and helped redress unjust policing, mass incarceration, and criminalization of poverty. She brings her extensive experience advocating for change through the courts, legislature, and local governments with her to this new role at HRI.

HRI’s Executive Director Bill Holston noted, “I met Kali through her advocacy for immigrant rights in the DFW advocacy community. First, as one of the volunteer lawyers at DFW airport during the Muslim Ban, and later with the steering committee with the Force for Immigration Rights and Empowerment. I’m elated that she will be devoting her considerable skills as an advocate to HRI.”

As the Advocacy Director, Kali will
help HRI realize our longtime vision of influencing policies that make a
difference in the lives of our clients. For nearly 20 years, this community has
leveraged its collective power to connect our clients with the legal and social
services they need. We are excited to explore how that power can improve the
systems that our attorneys and clients navigate every day. “I am honored to
amplify the outstanding work that HRI has moved forward for so many years, and
to highlight the opportunities for our community to stand together to continue
to advocate for just humanitarian policies,” says Kali.

Will Kali at the helm, our community can look forward to increased opportunities to learn more about what you’re seeing in the news and its real-life impacts, to connect with us about pressing policy issues, and to plug into opportunities to make change.

Welcome, Kali!

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