Today Marks One Year of U.S.-Inflicted Human Rights Abuses on Asylum Seekers at the Southern Border

January 29, 2020
Contact: Kali Cohn,, 214-855-0520 x4338

DALLAS—Wednesday, January 29, 2020, marks one year since the Administration implemented its Remain in Mexico (MPP) policy. To date, over 800 cases of kidnappings and other violent attacks against people forced to awaiting their U.S. immigration hearings in Mexico have been tracked by Human Rights First and others.

Bill Holston, Executive Director of Human Rights Initiative of North Texas, responds:

“One year ago, this administration announced the implementation of the absurdly named Migrant Protection Protocols. Contrary to the requirements and norms of international law (as well as decades of practice at our borders), we now require desperate asylum seekers to wait at their peril in Mexico while their cases make their way through our legal system.

“The inevitable result of this unnecessary change in policy has been the abductions, rapes, and deaths of men, women, and children sent back to Mexico. The border regions of Mexico are uniquely violent, and put members of vulnerable communities, like gay and transgender asylum seekers, at particular risk.

“This policy has also made it almost impossible for individuals to pursue their legal cases. There is almost no access to legal counsel, other than the intrepid, brave lawyers who seek to provide representation to individuals trapped at the border in very harsh conditions at risk to their own lives.  

“Since the Refugee Act of 1980 created an orderly process of asylum, we have provided refuge for people fleeing persecution. In the aftermath of the Holocaust, we agreed along with other countries to never turn people away who were seeking asylum from persecution. MPP turns back on that legacy. We will look back on this time with shame.”

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