HRI Mourns Its Co-Founding Parent: Serena Simmons Connelly, 1970-2020

Serena Simmons Connelly was our parent. Her gifts were numerous and her heart protected not just HRI but countless other causes in our community. Our loss is tremendous.

To best remember Serena, HRI will do what Serena would do: we will serve with all that we have; we will stand up for the under-served and under-represented; and we will continue to further the mission at Human Rights Initiative, never losing sight of our clients’ dignity and humanity.

UPDATE: Thank you for reaching out to us to express your grief and support. Per several requests, we have created a dedicated portal in Serena’s honor. We are so grateful for our community and believe that in this time of sorrow we will band together to keep Serena present in our endeavors.

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