Raise Your Voice: Survivors Shouldn’t Have to Wait a Decade for Safety

We need your help raising the alarm. You already know that every day in Texas, strength and hope is prevailing. That undocumented survivors of crime are coming forward to protect themselves and their children from danger, to protect their families and friends, and to protect their communities.

As Leticia,* who survived domestic violence, shares: “The people that are in process don’t decide to go through what we had to go through, right? What I lived with—the abuse—they wanted to kill me. When that opportunity comes to receive my visa, it’s like saying, ‘Well, from what has happened, something better can come. And it’s a hope for a better life and better opportunities.”

We’re raising the alarm because–even though these strong and brave people are entitled to immigration protections under our laws through a program called a “U visa”–it’s not working.

Today, HRI and SMU Law’s Hunter Center released a report, Flawed Design: How the U Visa is Revictimizing the People It Was Created to Help, to bring more attention to the problem. The report highlights profiles of our amazing clients and what we need to do to make change.

Will you take a look at the report? If things are busy now, you can make a pledge to read it when you have more time.

In the meantime, we’d love your help sharing the report with your family and friends on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, or signing the petition demanding change.

Thanks for joining with us. We’re honored to fight alongside you.

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