The word is trickling out that, tomorrow, ICE is planning to deport several Cameroonian nationals currently detained in our backyard at Prairieland Detention Center, about 40 miles outside of downtown Dallas. Reports suggest the number of people affected could be anywhere from 80 to 200.

As Amnesty International USA’s Deputy Director of Advocacy and Government Relations Adotei Akwei explains, “Given the current conditions in the country, it is extremely likely that anyone who is returned to Cameroon will face a high risk of being detained, beaten, disappeared, tortured, or possibly even killed.”

This news comes on the heels of allegations that at least 8 Cameroonian men were coerced into signing their own deportation papers through pressure, threats, and unlawful use of force in Adams County Correctional Facility in Mississippi.

Can you help call the following officials TODAY to demand a stop to the planned deportation?

U.S. House Judiciary Committee: 202-225-3951
Sen. John Cornyn: 202-224-2934
Sen. Ted Cruz: (202) 224-5922
Rep. Roger Williams: (202) 225-9896
Dallas ICE Enforcement & Removal Operations: (214) 424-7800

Here’s a suggested call script:

My name is ________, and I am a resident of ___________ calling to demand a stop to the planned deportation of Cameroonian nationals tomorrow, many of whom are detained at Prairieland Detention Center in Alvarado outside of the DFW metroplex. Given the current conditions in Cameroon, it’s extremely likely that anyone returned will face a high risk of being detained, beaten, disappeared, tortured, or possibly killed. It is our moral and legal responsibility never to return people into the hands of persecutors. I call on you to stop these planned deportations now.

Once you’ve made your calls, can you help us spread the word on Facebook, Instagram​, and Twitter​?

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