HRI Celebrates 20th Anniversary By Honoring Two Outstanding Supporters!

2020 – 72 years of Human Rights and 20 years of Human Rights Initiative! We are celebrating our 20th by recognizing those outstanding individuals who have gone beyond in giving their time, energy, and resources to our clients and HRI since our doors opened. It is because of these individuals that HRI has evolved into the best version of its human rights mission. These are our two honorees for our 20th anniversary: Carol A. Jablonski and Don Glendenning.

“Carol is extraordinary.  She dedicates two full days per week, every week, to providing top notch legal service to HRI’s most vulnerable clients – women and children who have survived abuse,” notes Sara Wahl, Director of HRI’s Crime Victims Program.

Carol A. Jablonski embraced her early retirement from being the Head of Global Litigation for Electronic Data Systems Corporation by immersing herself into HRI as a volunteer attorney. Currently, Carol has 26 open cases under her supervision. HRI tried to count all her cases over the past 12 years – we simply couldn’t. Countless kindnesses are how we see Carol. “She fights for these clients persistently, tenaciously, doggedly, week after week, and year after year,” says Wahl, “all for nothing more than a smile or thank you.”

Carol, you contribute wisdom, dependability, and are a paragon of volunteering. Thank you for your many gifts.

“Don Glendenning has been an enthusiastic supporter of HRI from its very beginning. His contribution of vision and professional skill was instrumental in our founding,” Bill Holston, HRI’s Executive Director observed. “Working shoulder to shoulder with our co-founders Serena Connelly and Betsy Healy, he understood that our resilient clients deserved high quality professional services.”

Don Glendenning, Partner Locke Lord LLP, and his wife, Carol Glendenning, have stood alongside HRI from our inception. Not only did Don help create some of earliest structure and business model, but he and his law firm has continuously supported HRI.

“Don has been there with us every step of the way as we’ve grown to become the effective and compassionate agency that we are today.” Said Holston.

Don – Your impact on our organization is indelible. Thank you for sharing your generosity and commitment with our community.

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel,” says Maya Angelou. HRI is proud to remember every kindness, every helping hand and every action that these two outstanding individuals have graced us with. But most of all, HRI recognizes that Carol and Don have made us feel invincible.

Thank you, Carol A. Jablonski and Don Glendenning – HRI’s 20th Anniversary Honorees!



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