This Black History Month remember: Immigration is a Black issue

Black lives are often overlooked in immigration spaces due to the anti-Blackness and racism embedded in every system in our society. We’re asking for justice and an immigration system that respects Black lives. Black immigrants are more likely to be detained and deported than any other immigrant group. On avg, Black migrants serve the longest length of time in detention & are 6X more likely to be placed into solitary confinement. #FamiliesBelongTogether and that includes Black families. 

Take action!

  • Donate to the Black immigrant bail fund!
  • Urge @POTUS end Title 42 and RMX and treat Black migrants with dignity.
  • Urge the Biden admin to grant TPS for the over 40K Cameroonians in urgent need of protection. Sign the petition here:
  • It is unconscionable to send back Black migrants to the dangers that they are fleeing. Tell the Biden admin it’s time to #WelcomeWithDignity

Learn more by supporting the following organizations:

Take a step. Take a leap. Do the right thing – not just during #BHM but every day. When we say Black Lives Matter, we mean ALL Black lives. Racist and inhumane ICE detention must end. Deportations must stop.

#ImmigrationIsABlackIssue #EndTitle42 #WelcomeWithDignity

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