The Supreme Court of the United States held that the Biden Administration has the power to end the Remain in Mexico program, formally known as MPP. Under the policy, people seeking asylum were denied entry into the United States and were forced to wait in Mexico, often in dangerous areas while waiting for their case to be heard. In tandem with Title 42, MPP shut down our border for Black and Brown migrants seeking asylum. Today’s decision is one step towards restoring normalcy and dignity at our border.
“We welcome the United States Supreme Court ruling which allows the Biden Administration to end MPP,” said Bill Holston, Executive Director of HRI. “This policy was consistently a terrible and inhumane idea. It made it virtually impossible for people who had legally claimed asylum at the border to pursue their claims in Court.”
The tragic reality is that over 100 million people around the world are now experiencing displacement—the highest number in history.  “Policies like MPP severely subjected migrants to extreme violence as they waited in dangerous border conditions,” Holston observed. “It’s policies like this which have driven people to take ever more dangerous routes to the United States. That results in the tragic loss of life like we just saw in San Antonio. The case will now be remanded to the District Court where we hope MPP will meet its final end.”

HRI calls on the Administration, Courts, and Congress to end Title 42 expulsions, which disproportionately impact Black asylum seekers, like those from Haiti. “Then we can all return to providing legal relief to individuals who are seeking asylum in the United States,” Holston concluded.

For over two decades, HRI has successfully served migrants and refugees fleeing human rights violations. As we celebrate the past, we must look to the future where the dignity of our clients is recognized, and our nation lives up to our ideals. We have a long way to go to achieve this, but we know we can change one life at a time. We can make a difference today. Learn more about us:
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