Immigration Backlog is Growing

According to the newest stats published by TRAC Immigration, the number of cases awaiting resolution in the Immigration Court system reached an all-time high by the end of September 2010. There are over 260,000 pending immigration cases causing the backlog to swell, and Texas is in the top 5 of states with the highest number of pending cases with almost 27,000. At the time this data was released, the Dallas Immigration Court system had a backlog of 4,470 cases or over 1000 cases per judge.

Many of those waiting to hear the decision in their cases can only wait and live in a sort of limbo. Asylum seekers in particular, who have given up citizenship in their home country to apply for status in the United States, find themselves without a country to truly call home while their case makes its way through the overcrowded process.

You can view the TRAC Immigration Backlog Tool here.

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