Thank you, September!

If I were knew for certain, my fellowman – my friend.

If I knew that the decay of your desolate heart,

Melancholy of your eyes, agony of your soul

Will rest with my care and my love –

If my redemptive words can

Rejuvenate your abandoned mind,

If they can wash away the marks of humiliation,

If your dejected youth resuscitates

If I knew for certain, my fellowman – my friend… (Faiz Ahmed Faiz)

We fought harder when the current administration threw amendments at the Flores Settlement Agreement, putting immigrant children’s welfare in danger. We laughed louder when our young clients showed us how to *dab* properly. We showed up smarter, more determined and focused.

Each day in the past month, we experienced soaring heights such as our Children’s Program director Marcela Evans was recognized as Outstanding Pro-bono Lawyer. Each day in the past month, we experienced crushing lows when Marketing and Special Events’ Maryam Baig hosted a talk-back for Cara Mia Theatre Co., about DACA, where several high-school students wept inconsolably because they are undocumented.

How do we make sense of the current situation in our country. How do we do the right thing?

If I knew for certain, my fellowman – my friend…

But we do know for certain.

We know that immigrant rights are human rights and that families belong together. We know that Dreamers should be given a home and that human rights violations are abhorrent. Which is why HRI does not back down – Which is why HRI does not give up – Which is HRI will continue to stand up for Humanity.

Join us.

Donate. Advocate. Volunteer.

2 Donor-Advised funds – 211 Online donors -18 Hours

HRI staff on North Texas Giving Day where we raised $37,552.54 thanks to the genrosity of our community! Thank you for your Heart!

Our Case Management Coordinator and Legal Assitant, Zeyla Gonzalez, represented HRI at World Peace Day, held on 9/15/2018, at Arts Mission Oakcliff.

Board President Aubrey Meyers and Executive Director Bill Holston after an intense HRI war-room session!

(Read: they had coffee and discussed all things HRI)

Marketing and Special Events’s Maryam Baig hosted a talk-back in favor of DACAmented; A Wetback’s Journey, for Cara Mia Theatre Co. Pictured with her here are high-school students from Women’s Leadership Academy, Fort Worth and performer and creator Alex Alpharaoh, who will make a special appearance at HRI’s Rock Your HeART Out 2018! Do not miss!

RYHO2018’s Storytellers are hard at work. Artist Daniel Avazpour graciously shared his process with HRI recently. Which journey will Avazpour’s art illuminate? Do not miss RYHO2018!

Mate Monday at University of Dallas is an informal, yet scholarly dialogue on issues related to Latin America and Latin-American communities in the U.S. Recently they hosted a gathering, featuring an all-HRI panel. Asylum Attorney Pilar Ferguson, Immigrant children’s Program Manager Elisandra de la Cruz and Volunteer Coordinator Layne Faulkner shared information about HRI and ways by which the community at UD can help.

HRI hosted its 4th annual Employment Workshop, in partnership with InterNations who work extremely hard on producing this event. Also, big thanks to Secret Recipe, who once again donated all the lunch that was enough to pack to-go for dinner for many of the candidates. Chef Alex Ong, the owner/head chef, has been extremely generous in his support of HRI and this is the 4th year that he has donated the food for this workshop.

HRI family decided to take a breather at the end of the month. Deep conversation over delicious beverages made for a great evening.

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