Volunteer of the Month – Kelsey Rademaker

HRI successfully follows its mission of providing 100% free legal and social services to vulnerable immigrants and refugees, thanks to hundreds of hours donated by our volunteers. However, some of our volunteers do not fall in the legal or social services category, and today we are proud to introduce you to a volunteer outside those two circles.
Kelsey Rademaker came to us with an open heart and a dedicated work ethic. She cheerfully took on designing images and logos for our upcoming event, Rock Your HeART Out 2018 Kelsey blew us away with prompt delivery of beautiful creative! We loved her work so much that we made it the center-point of our RYHO2018 campaign. Thank you for your amazing work, Kelsey! RYHO2018 is scheduled for October 27th, 2018.
How did you first hear about HRI? *
Online News Article
What is your driving force in volunteering with our agency? *
I was heartbroken when I heard about the families being separated at the border. I wanted to find something active that I could do to help immigrant families, and was overjoyed to learn about HRI and their mission right here in my backyard.
Please briefly share an ‘aha moment’ (a moment of discovery or insight) that stood out to you during your time with HRI. *
When I first came in and met with everyone in person and saw the slogan “Immigrant Rights Are Human Rights” I knew I found the right people and cause to give my time to.
What is something you have learned from your experience representing HRI?
There is a wonderful community of people right here in Dallas that care just as much as I do and are enormously talented and dedicated to helping those in need. After being so discouraged by the news and feeling hopeless, this is exactly what I needed to boost my hope for this country and humanity.
Anything else you would like to share about volunteering here at HRI? *
You won’t find a kinder and more dedicated staff than the folks at HRI. There is a ton of heart at their core and I am proud to have the opportunity to work with them.
Personal Fun Fact: When I’m not creating art I enjoy reading and playing games with my family.

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