Human Rights Initiative Statement on Draft of Safe Third Country Agreement with Guatemala



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DALLAS– On June 13, 2019, Voice of America obtained draft White House agreement between the United States and Guatemala, which would create “Safe Third Country” protocol between the two countries. Should the agreement go into effect, the vast majority of adults and children traveling through Guatemala to seek asylum in the United States would be ineligible for asylum in the United States. The announcement comes on the eve of Presidential elections in Guatemala, where corruption and human rights have become central campaign issues.

“Guatemala is not a safe country for its own citizens, let alone the refugees that are traveling through the country to reach the United States,” said Pilar Ferguson, Asylum Program Attorney at the Human Rights Initiative of North Texas. “Our own State Department has determined that Guatemala’s asylum laws are inadequate to provide protection, and has determined that nearly half of the country is too dangerous for people to travel. This draft agreement flies in the face of our international responsibility to be a safe haven for people fleeing persecution, torture, and death.”

“Every week, we see kids who have fled Guatemala to get to the United States—often, because they are facing forced gang recruitment, child labor, and violence,” said Anna Rupani, Children’s Program Attorney at the Human Rights Initiative of North Texas. “To think that every unaccompanied kid fleeing El Salvador and Honduras—often for the same reasons—will be safe in Guatemala is willfully blind. Our country should use our power to help address the actual causes of forced displacement, not push the crisis onto someone else’s doorstep.”

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