Human Rights Initiative selected as an Uber Community Impact Initiative partner

November 1, 2019: Uber announced today that Human Rights Initiative was selected to participate in the Uber Community Impact Initiative. We are excited to launch this partnership with Uber to lessen transportation as a barrier to accessing opportunity for those in need.

“Transportation barriers are a major issue for our clients, who live across North Texas and don’t always have easy access to public transportation.” HRI’s Director of Development, Jenny Weil, noted. “This generous grant from Uber gives clients greater access to crucial legal and social services. Sometimes we all need a little help in times of crisis and transition, and good neighbors are glad to give it.”

Each year, Uber teams up with nonprofits across the region to support the cities, in which they operate, and help create opportunities for all. This year’s class of Community Impact Initiative partners includes organizations in many fields, including human rights, that are working to positively impact the city of Dallas through their work. We were one of 70+ local organizations across the US and Canada that were selected as a partner.

ABOUT HRI: Founded by social worker Serena Simmons Connelly and lawyer Elizabeth Healy, the Dallas-based Human Rights Initiative of North Texas has grown into an award-winning agency helping immigrant survivors of human rights abuses from all over the world. Our courageous and resilient clients are eligible to apply for legal status under the humanitarian provisions of United States immigration laws and policies: they are asylum seekers fleeing persecution; children who have been abandoned, abused, or neglected; and victims of family violence and violent crimes. HRI’s Legal team partners with a network of over 250 pro bono attorneys from top DFW firms and corporations to help clients access the U.S. Immigration System, and our Social Services team offers transitional support and referrals to help address trauma and ease the hardships of profound displacement. At HRI, all of our services are free, and all are designed to help forge a path to safety, stability, and opportunity.

HRI’s Legal Program served 631 individuals last year with respect and compassion. We defend human rights and dignity by fighting to uphold the humanitarian protections in our immigration laws.
HRI’s Social Services provided 100% free services for more than 1,100 clients and their families served last year. HRI offers counseling, referrals, and programming designed to help people cope, achieve stable access to the essentials of daily life, and begin to integrate into new communities and begin new lives.
HRI’s Advocacy Program is dedicated to public education and effective partnership with those most directly affected by our work, centering immigrant voices and perspectives in everything we do.
HRI engaged a network of over 400 legal, social and admin. volunteers to keep multiplying every dollar donated to us by 3.

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