Have your Marmalade And Eat It Too!

Something sweet to help HRI’s fight against the bitter.

The Canning Underground has created a brand-new, limited-edition marmalade to give us a sweet helping hand. With the holidays approaching, this thoughtful confection, Immigrant Song, would make the perfect gift and addition to your festive spread.


“This classic marmalade, with plenty of bitter along with the sweet, mirrors our current mood: horrified at what’s going on in the world and unable to recognize our own country. This is not who we’re supposed to be, turning away refugees, separating families at the border, and abandoning allies.

Thankfully there are organizations out there who work hard every day to help immigrants looking for a better life, like the Human Rights Initiative (HRI) of North Texas organization, with whom we’ve partnered to promote their work. HRI provides their immigrant clients with free legal services as well as social services for their families and has been honored for the work they’ve done. We’re proud to align with them, to do what we can to help the arc of the moral universe bend towards justice.

This marmalade reflects a small portion of the rich tapestry of cultures that make up the U.S., with membrillo, rose water and real Aleppo peppers, in honor of migrants who’ve died trying to escape troubled regions. For those seeking safe harbor, we stand with you, and we will never stop fighting tyranny.

Valhalla, we are coming!”

Thank you, The Canning Underground! HRI is extremely grateful to have the attention and support of our community. With your support, we are able to provide 100% free legal and social services to vulnerable refugees and immigrants who are fleeing human rights violations.

ABOUT HRI: Founded by social worker Serena Simmons Connelly and lawyer Elizabeth Healy, the Dallas-based Human Rights Initiative of North Texas has grown into an award-winning agency helping immigrant survivors of human rights abuses from all over the world. Our courageous and resilient clients are eligible to apply for legal status under the humanitarian provisions of United States immigration laws and policies: they are asylum seekers fleeing persecution; children who have been abandoned, abused, or neglected; and victims of family violence and violent crimes. HRI’s Legal team partners with a network of over 250 pro bono attorneys from top DFW firms and corporations to help clients access the U.S. Immigration System, and our Social Services team offers transitional support and referrals to help address trauma and ease the hardships of profound displacement. At HRI, all of our services are free, and all are designed to help forge a path to safety, stability, and opportunity.

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