Human Rights Initiative Statement on Border Closure and Turnbacks of Asylum Seekers


March 20, 2020
Contact: Kali Cohn |

DALLAS – On March 20, 2020, President Trump announced a border shutdown, which appears to implement the President’s confirmation yesterday that his Administration planned to turn away asylum seekers seeking safety in the United States.

“We echo the call of the United Nations, leading human rights organizations and immigration lawyers from across the country: in this crisis, America cannot shut the door in the faces of our siblings from across the world with nowhere else to go,” said Pilar Ferguson, Human Rights Initiative of North Texas’s Asylum Program Director. “Closing the border to people who have credibly shown they are fleeing persecution creates even more danger in this difficult moment. There are ways the U.S. government can continue screening asylum seekers that address the very real public health concerns. Let’s rise to the occasion.”

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