HRI Installs Covid-19 Prevention Protocol Beginning March 14, 2020

As a response to COVID 19, HRI will be doing the following to safely operate during the health-crisis.

  1. Permitting all staff who are able to work remotely to do so.  We have created protocols to respond to emails, phone messages and the mail. 
  2. We are cancelling all community meetings.
  3. We will continue to make court appearances for clients, because the immigration courts remain open.
  4. We want to acknowledge the contributions of workers who do not have the privilege of remote work places as well as professions that will continue to provide essential services.Limited number of HRI staff will monitor office activities.
  5. We have created an emergency phone live for our clients.
  6. We have created an emergency fund for our clients

At this time HRI would like to share what we truly believe: It is in times of strife when the true character of a people reveals itself. I am You and You are We. We send you prayers of health. Stay safe and stay vigilant. United we stand.

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