An Update on HRI’s Emergency Assistance Campaign

Truly believing that it is in times of strife and heartbreak that the true character of a people takes shape, HRI asked if you had resources to spare to support our clients who are vulnerable to unemployment, food shortages, lack of medical care, and the ongoing assault on our immigration system, and our community rose to the challenge.

With your help, we were able to furnish groceries; 70 emergency assistance packages; $1,350 worth of gift-cards; and thanks to a recent Uber grant, free car rides so these fortifying, timely gifts were dispersed swiftly for curb-side pick up, for our clients. Our needs keep growing as our clients continue to adjust to new city regulations closures.

This initiative had all hands on deck: Spearheaded by HRI’s Social Services Director, Elisandra De La Cruz; HRI’s Development Director Jenny Weil, who confirmed a challenge grant to get us started; The Deena Jo Heide-Diesslin Foundation who stepped up with a generous grant; and our Executive Director, Bill Holston, who researched countless avenues to ensure clients would have these essential items.

WE’VE ONLY JUST BEGUN TO MEET OUR CLIENTS NEEDS. Our clients are unable to apply for unemployment benefits, vouchers, and federal food assistances many Americans are applying for during this time. Very soon, our clients won’t have resources to even put food on the table. Can you help us ensure that some of the most vulnerable among us are not forgotten in this crisis? To help HRI provide food and other essentials:

You make this a more unified community, that we’ll get through this because we’ll all pull together. Thank you for your generosity

(HRI’s Social Services Director, Elisandra De La Cruz, contributed to this post.)

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