Hey team Trump: We ARE paying attention

You’ve probably already heard that the Trump Administration is trying to dismantle our asylum system. As the Wall Street Journal told us in May, they’re operating on the “assumption that the public, during the pandemic, will be willing to accept new limits on immigration.”

We need your help to flood the system with unique public comments about why a robust asylum system is important to you.

Here’s a snapshot about what they’re trying to do:

  • Eliminate gender-based asylum claims, which could stop LGBTQIA people and domestic violence survivors from finding protection.
  • Narrowly limit political opinion cases so that someone who isn’t part of a formal political party but still opposes a regime–like our former client who opposed the government’s use of child soldiers–has no claim.
  • Make asylum unavailable to people who have transited through other countries to find safety in the U.S.
  • And a whole host of other things.

Writing a comment can seem daunting, but comments don’t need to be long or complicated. Sign up here for more information about how to participate!

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