DACA Lives On

DALLAS, TX–On June 18, 2020, the Supreme Court decided that the Trump Administration’s decision to end the DACA program was done arbitrarily and capriciously, and cannot stand.

“Because of today’s Supreme Court decision, the DACA program lives on. This is a moment to celebrate and to honor the decades-long fight of immigrant youth and the people who love them,” said Anna Rupani, Children’s Program Director at Human Rights Initiative of North Texas.

“But this is also a moment to keep fighting. The Trump Administration still has the authority to rescind DACA a second time, and it will continue to advance its deportation machine against people who are unprotected. In this moment, we also must remember that the fight for black liberation and immigrant justice are struggles borne of the same white supremacist system.

“Today, like yesterday, and last week, and the years before, we the people must continue to demand a system that is just—one in which all people, regardless of immigration status and skin color, live free.”

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