U.S approves welcoming 100K Ukrainian refugees, while 20.9K Haitian refugees deported since Feb. 2021

At the heels of the second anniversary of the implementation of Title 42, which has primarily deported and detained Black and Brown migrants, the U.S has approved admitting up to 100,000 Ukrainian refugees without Title 42 restrictions. According to the NY Times, White House officials said that the refugees would be received through “the full range of legal pathways,” including the U.S. refugee admissions program, which leads to permanent residence, or a green card. Others may be granted visas or “humanitarian parole,” a temporary form of entry offered to displaced people in wartime and other emergencies.

HRI supports all migrants. We are thankful for the support that our country is expressing for Ukraine. However, the swift designation of protection for Ukrainian refugees reminds us how quickly our government can move – just not for Black and Brown migrants. This expression of support is not lost on us when a Ukrainian child treks into a safe country and is labeled a hero, while children crossing over our Southern borders, to find similar safety, are immediately detained. This expression of support is not lost on us when Ukraine receives $13.6 billion dollars in aid from the U.S, while Yemen faces a food crisis that is nearing catastrophe. This expression of support is not lost on us when Title 42 is set aside for Ukraine, yet the same policy has sent 20,900 Haitians back to certain danger.

We hear the message loud and clear: we value lives of White migrants but not Black and Brown refugees. We are declaring that children of a certain color are more valuable. We are simply saying that our quick and full humanitarian efforts will extend to a White country, with full legal pathways, but not Black and Brown countries.

We don’t know about you but we are thoroughly ashamed. While you open your hearts to those displaced and affected due to the war in Ukraine, we implore you to stay aware of other conflicts that are near catastrophes. Want to help? Start with your social media – tag the current admin. Tell them to look beyond skin color. Tell our admin. that we need to welcome all with dignity.

#EndTitle42 #ImmigrationIsABlackIssue #TPS4All #WelcomeWithDignity #WarInUkraine #RussianInvasion

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