National Volunteer Month 2022

HRI’s service model could not function without our volunteers – legal, non-legal, social workers, office helpers, artists, interns, musicians, advocates – who always give wholly of their heart and time. In 2021, HRI volunteers donated services that valued at $2.7 million!

Immigration petitions can be hundreds or sometimes thousands of pages long: letters, cards, birth certificates, newspaper articles, and affidavits, just to name a few. Now imagine having just arrived in a foreign country under duress, where even the language is different from what you know.

This is where HRI’s volunteer-oriented system translates what could be a stressful and complicated beginning into a more manageable situation. From translating original documents to offering essential social services, and finally solid representation in legal court processes, HRI’s volunteers are the stars that light the way.

Every day we give thanks for our pro bono attorneys – our translators – our interns – our artists and musicians – our office volunteers – our student volunteers – our board members – our volunteer consultants. And every day we find that no number of thank yous can really encompass the services we receive because of our generous community.

So for every word translated, for every ride to the court house, for every item of grocery collected, for every case strongly presented to an immigration judge – for. every. kindness – HRI salutes the spirit of our volunteers.

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