Take Action: Call the Houston asylum office on behalf of our client!

We celebrate with you when our clients are safe. This is a failure story – this story is about how one of our clients is stuck in the immense backlog. And nothing we do is working.
Rahim, our client and an HRI Connect leader from Afghanistan, went on the record with Dallas Morning News to spotlight the real human cost of the asylum backlog. He is a U.N. worker, who was targeted by the Taliban for devoting his life to human rights work. He and his family are living in the unknown as the Houston Asylum Office refuses to issue a decision in his case despite interviewing him three separate times over the past five years. Rahim’s case is one of the 432,000 plus cases stalled in the USCIS asylum backlog.


1. Call 281-931-2100 to reach the Houston Asylum Office.

Don’t know what to say? Here’s a script:

Hi my name is [your name], resident of [City, State]. I’m calling to ask your office to resolve the asylum case of Fazlur Rahim Muzaffary and his family.

You may want to share some of these details:

  • Rahim‘s case has been pending over 5 years.
  • Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) records indicate at least one officer has already recommended his case be granted.
  • Rahim is a human rights advocate, dedicating his career in Afghanistan to humanitarian work through the United Nations.
  • Rahim and his family fled Afghanistan because they were targeted by the Taliban for his human rights work. With the Taliban in formal control of the country, things are even more dangerous for them today.
  • Rahim and his family have waited long enough. Please resolve his case.

2. Click here to let us know you made a call.

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Thanks to Dianne Solis at Dallas Morning News for helping us tell Rahim’s story.

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