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HRI Connect's Mission

HRI Connect is a group of current and former HRI clients (and the people who love them!) that is coming together to build a community where everyone feels welcomed and embraced, regardless of who we are, what we look like, or how well we speak English. We all build this country where we live, no matter where we were born.

For me, HRI Connect is a bond that goes beyond skin color, language, religion, gender, idiosyncrasy and origin. A link where you can share ideas, experiences and knowledge. A space to construct and share together a better path for immigrants. It is thanks to HRI Connect that I have the opportunity to dedicate myself to others, which fills me with much satisfaction.

L.C., HRI Connect Leader

Conexión HRI para mi es un vínculo que va más allá del color de piel, el idioma, la religión, género, ideosincrasia y procedencia. Un enlace en donde se comparten ideas, experiencias y conocimientos, un espacio para construir y compartir juntos un mejor camino para los inmigrantes. Es gracias a Conexión HRI que tengo la oportunidad de brindar algo de mi misma hacia los demás, lo cual me llena de mucha satisfacción.

Connect's Platform

HRI is working in partnership with HRI Connect members to advance the group’s priorities:

Expanding Access to Healthcare

HRI Connect envisions a DFW where everyone, regardless of immigration status, can get and afford the healthcare they need.

Looking for a doctor, dentist, or mental health professional? Click to visit the HRI Connect online healthcare navigator and hotline.

Fighting the Immigration Backlog

HRI Connect fights for a just system that doesn’t require an unnecessary long and painful wait for stable immigration status.

Check out our work below.

Limiting the Traffic Stop-to-Deportation Pipeline

HRI Connect advocates for policies and practices that reduce the anxiety and danger of driving to meet basic needs while undocumented and as a person of color.

Registering People to Vote

HRI Connect helps make sure our neighbors can do their civic duties as citizens.

Being part of HRI Connect is a wonderul experience for me because it has made me see that I am not alone; that there are still people who care about helping others. HRI has been a group that has been with me for several years on my journey towards immigration status. I am very happy to be a part of this community. In addition, I feel very privileged to know them and grateful for their support and affection. I invite everyone to come in and get to know more about HRI Connect, and find a new family in community. All are welcome!

B.N., HRI Connect Leader

Ser parte de Conexión HRI es una formidable experiencia para mí porque me hace ver que una no esta solo; que todavía hay personas a las importa ayudar al prójimo. HRI ha sido un grupo que ha acompañado por varios años en mi jornado hacia la estabilizacion se mi situation migratorio. Estoy muy contenta de ser parte de esta comunidad. También me siento muy privilegiada de conocerlos y agradecida por su apoyo y afecto. Yo invito a toda persona a que se acerque y conozca más de Conexión HRI encuentre una nueva familia comunitaria. ¡Todos son bienvenidos!

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