HRI’s Social Services at Shepton High!

HRI’s Social Services department recently attended an event at Shepton High School, in Plano ISD, to talk about resources available for immigrant families in the area. Alongside other community agencies that provide legal and social services to the immigrant population, they encouraged families to take advantage of the wide range or resources available to them for healthcare, counseling, ESL classes, financial assistance, food pantries, legal assistance, and much more. We are so grateful that schools like Shepton High are working hard to get this important information out to their students and families! check out the resource guides that our Social Services department created for this occasion:
Collin County Resources-ENG

Collin County Resources-SPAN
ABOUT HRI SOCIAL SERVICES: HRI’s Social Services served 1535 clients last year, and we continue to witness housing and food insecurity our clients face due to the immigration case backlog. Our already vulnerable clients are stretched in a vicious situation where rent and necessities are at peril. You can bring some joy to our clients by donating via our registry links!
This year North Texas Giving Day (NTXGD) is September 22nd. Early Giving begins TODAY. Join HRI in our mission to provide free legal and social services to immigrant survivors of human rights abuses. The work we do remains critical. Learn more about us by visiting our North Texas Giving Day profile!
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